2009. március 31., kedd

Recept extra // Recipe extra

Gombaleves (Mushroom soup)
2 pounds of mushroom
1 pound of carrot
1 pound of potato
1 medium onion
Optional: 1 small celery, 1 parsley root, 1 turnip
1/8 pound flour
2 quarts of water
A teaspoon paprika, salt
½ cup sour cream to serve with

Serves app. 4

Slice the carrot, the mushroom and cut the potato (celery, turnip and parsley root) into cubes, put it all in a pot on some oil and a bit of salt, and braise (steam) it, while stirring sometimes. When it released quite a bit of sauce, add the flour and the paprika, and gradually add water while continuously stirring. Drop in the cleaned but whole onion, a bit more of salt if needed and some parsley. Parsley should always go into the pot at the very end, not to get overcooked. Cook it until the potato cooks well. (App. 15 min.) Serve with sour cream!

2009. március 25., szerda

Idézet // Quote for the week

„Jellemed egy kis egysége, épsége többet ér minden karriernél.”
"When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt."
/ Henry J. Kaiser/

2009. március 19., csütörtök

Recept extra // Recipe extra

Gombapörkölt nokedlivel (mushroom stew with dumplings)
2 pounds of white mushroom
2 medium onions

2 pieces of garlic
Salt, paprika, pepper, parsley
1 Egg

1 pound of flour

Serves app. 4

Cut the mushroom into app. 3 mm slices (if they are big, cut into half across). Cut the onion and the garlic fine. On a bit of oil, grill the onion and the mushroom. You can also add fine cut bacon. Add a good amount of paprika, some salt and pepper, parsley. Make sure you add enough water, do not let the paprika burn! (I.e. you can add a cup of water, and cover the pot to let the mushroom cook.)
To prepare the nokedli, create a liquidy dough (stir it with a mixer of a fork) by adding the egg to the flour, salt, and a little water. Boil a pot of water with a teaspoon of oil and salt. Let the dough dip into it through a plate with holes (e.g. a bigger cheese grinder.) Boil it for app. 10 min, until they come to the top. Make sure they do not stick to the bottom. Filter and serve with sour cream!

2009. március 12., csütörtök

Idézet // Quote for the week

„Mindig soknak tartjuk,
amit mi teszünk másokért;
ellenben amit mások tesznek érettünk,
azt semmibe sem vesszük.
Úgy látszik, két szívünk van:
egy lágy, gyöngéd, engedékeny - önmagunk számára,
és egy kemény, szigorú, zord - embertársaink számára.”
/ Szalézi Szent Ferenc/
„There are three classes of people. Those who see; those who see when they are shown; those who do not see.”
/Leonardo da Vinci/

2009. március 7., szombat

Recept extra // Recipe extra

Hétről hétre néhány kedvenc magyar receptet fogok megosztani, ezúttal első sorban a külföldi ínyencek kedvéért, angolul.
From here on I will post some delicious Hungarian recipes for your convenience. Enjoy!

(the most simple version)

½ pound cottage cheese (hopefully not the sweet version, small granulates, not too liquidy)
½ pound flour

½ pound baking butter

2 teaspoon salt

Snack for app. 4

Prepare the dough to make it smooth. Add ingredients accordingly, to get a good texture. You can also add cheese, bacon, cabbage or so. Flatten the dough, and fold it 3-4 times (use flour to dry a little the layers). Repeat it every 20 min. (You can also prepare the dough the previous night.)
Spread egg white on the top and some cheese. Flatten the dough to app. 0.5-0.7 inch, and cut small shapes (e.g. with a shot glass). Bake at around 340F until top part becomes gold.

2009. március 5., csütörtök

Idézet // Quote for the week

„Ha tegnapod világosan, nyitva fekszik előtted, ha ma erőteljesen, szabadon tevékenykedel, olyan holnapra is számíthatsz, mely nem kevésbé lesz szerencsés.”
"Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday."
/Dale Carnegie/